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Hello sassy people! Today’s post is about Broken King by Bella Matthews! Thank you, Bella Matthews and Social Butterfly PR for providing this copy in exchange for an honest review!

Escaping Christmas by Marie Landry

Broken King

(Restless Kings #2)

by Bella Matthews


One night.
I let myself have one night with him after avoiding him for years.
But one night was all it took for history to repeat itself.
Cade St. James was my past. He was the boy who stole my heart before he left for the Marine Corps. Now he’s back in Kroydon Hills, and there’s no mistaking he’s all man. A former MMA champion, running his own gym, and taking care of his adorable little girl. And I have to tell him our one night together is going to make him a father again.
Our timing has always been wrong.
I can do this on my own if I have to.
I don’t need to be saved.
I’m a King, not a princess.
I can save my own damn self.
Scarlet Kingston has always been too good for me.
She’s also always been mine.
But now, I don’t only have myself to think about. I have my daughter too.
We’ve both been burned before. And trusting another woman, especially one who’s already broken my heart, won’t be easy. But nothing with Scarlet ever was.
As a vice president of the Philadelphia Kings, grown men fear her.
And Scarlet wouldn’t have it any other way.
This woman can wear as cold of an exterior as she wants, but I’ve felt her on the inside.
She’s no ice queen.
Can we both get past the hurts from the past and live in the present?
Or are we both just Broken?


Genre: Romance, ARC

Publisher: Indie

Year: 2022

Nº of pages: 317

Is it on KU?: Nope

Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance

Tropes: Brother’s Best Friend, Military Romance, Pregnancy, Romance Family, Second Chance, Single Parent, Surprise Baby

Smut factor: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 4/5 (steamy)

Spice scale: 3/5 🌶️🌶️🌶️

POP (Put Out Percentage): 11%

TRIGGER WARNINGS (Based on StoryGraphs): No TW (According to StoryGraphs)


Main characters: Cade and Scarlet

Main conflict: Trust Issues

Hero: Sturn Brunch Daddy

Heroine: Boss Lady, The Amazon

Pacing: Medium

Mood: Deep, Delicious, Hot and complicated, Sweet

Plot or character-driven: Character Driven

P.O.V.: Double P.O.V.

Character development: Deep

Diverse Cast: Secondary characters

Read in: 2022


My Rate: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 

The writing is not the best I’ve ever read, but the story is so good that you get over that. I love big families, I love surprise baby and pregnancy books. I love women in sports and driven women who want it all and especially women in high management jobs. So this book hits a lot of sweet spots for me.

And the whole plot and story were very good, it hooked me from the beginning.

One small part I didn’t like was the biggest conflict of the book, that is Cade’s ex. The whole situation gets dissolved so fast and easy, you even kinda forget that it was there. The whole book is more focused on character growth and development, and the conflict gets a back seat, seems like it’s there more to follow a structure than to make any real difference to the story.

Equality rate: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 

I love the entire aspect of “Can I have it all? Can I be a successful business woman and also a good mom at the same time? Can I have drive and ambition, but still want a family?” (not a direct quote)

I just loved Scarlet’s journey, her attitude, her drive, and her growth and how her family helped her, how they supported her in her goals and took care of her.

I also love a single dad with a cute kid, so we had that here!

Again, this book hit all my sweet spots and it was delightful to read!

Adjectives and general thoughts: Deep, Delicious, Sweet, and Powerful

Recommend this to loves women in sports, a delicious hero, and cute kids. 


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About Bella

Bella Matthews is a Jersey girl at heart. She is married to her very own Alpha Male and
raising three little ones. You can typically find her running from one sporting event to
another. When she is home, she is usually hiding in her home office with the only other
female in her house, her rescue dog Tinker Bell by her side. She likes to write swoon-
worthy heroes and sassy, smart heroines with a healthy dose of laughter thrown in.

Connect With Bella

Well, that is all for today, I hope you like this post, hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. Feel free to leave your opinion about it in the comments and I will see you next time! 

Bye sassy people! 


  • I know that some comments I make about decent guys on my posts are the bare minimum a guy should do, so no, they don’t deserve to be treated like gods for doing the minimum, but at the same time, I’ve read a lot of sexist books and I appreciate authors who make characters that can serve as role models and examples of how a decent guy acts and what a loving and respectful relationship looks like. I believe we should always encourage these authors and bring attention to the ones that still write sexist characters and stories. 
  • I make a lot of comments about sexism and healthy role models in books, but a lot of times these characteristics don’t make the book a bad book and definitely don’t make the author a bad author. Please never shame these authors and these books for these comments, I simply feel that we need to have awareness of the less than ideal situations some books bring us, and not use the romanticized problem as examples of what a relationship should be. Most of these authors are still amazing, and the content they write doesn’t reflect directly with their personal views and opinions. Always make sure to respect and be kind to everyone, even while criticizing their content. 

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